Foremost and Coca-Cola honor employees for 35 years of service

Foremost and Coca-Cola honor employees for 35 years of service

Distribution Specialists Zaldy Ponce (left) and Benson Ayson (right) are recognized for their 35 years of service, loyalty and commitment to Foremost Foods, Inc. and Coca-Cola Beverage Co. (Guam), Inc. They are joined by Janice Castro, distribution manager of the beverage group of companies, in this photo taken at the warehouse in Barrigada Heights.

(BARRIGADA HEIGHTS, Guam)—Foremost Foods, Inc. and Coca-Cola Beverage Co. (Guam), Inc. recently recognized two employees who have been with the beverage group of companies for 35 years and counting.

In an annual awards ceremony recognizing employees who have been in service at Foremost and Coca-Cola, Benson Ayson and Zaldy Ponce were honored for 35 years of commitment and dedication to their job.

Zaldy started with Foremost Foods on Oct. 16, 1986 as a warehouse specialist and stayed on the job for 15 years.

For the next 12 years since June 2001 Zaldy held various positions at Foremost Foods including route sales specialist for dairy and dairy specialist on the production line of milk, water and ice cream when the Foremost plant was still operational.

Today, he covers the night shift in his role as a distribution specialist responsible for chilled products.

Zaldy is as forthright as he is diligent. If he sees a concern at work, he immediately informs his manager to avert any potential issue.

When asked why he remains with Coca-Cola and Foremost after 35 years, Zaldy says, “I invested my time with this company because of the previous benefits and longtime relationships I have built with my team over the years. I continue to work with Foremost and Coca-Cola Guam because of the experience I gained personally and professionally.”

A family man, Zaldy says that he appreciates the flexibility in his work schedule that the group of companies provides.

“I now care for my wife, and I appreciate the courtesy provided when I submit my personal requests,” Zaldy says.

Of his nighttime schedule, Zaldy says, “As a distribution specialist, I like the graveyard shift because as I get older, I can focus on my family. This allows me to do my job and still have quality time with my wife, kids, and grandchildren.”

Zaldy says he is dedicating his 35 Years of Service Award to his family.

“My family inspires me to do my best and continue to push forward with my career no matter the changes I go through with my company. My wife and family have always been supportive! This (award) is dedicated to my wife, Lydia Ponce and my three beautiful daughters, Elizabeth, Jennifer and Tiffany,” Zaldy says.

Benson, for his part, joined Foremost Foods on Nov. 7, 1986 as a warehouse specialist, a position he would hold for 11 years. In March of 1997, he became a route sales representative for ice and then for bottled water five years later. He is at present a distribution specialist covering the southern route including the Naval Base, the Naval Station, the Naval Hospital and Polaris Point. A time management professional, Benson ensures timely deliveries and strict compliance with regular truck inspections.

Known for being a conscientious team player, Benson would communicate with business consultants, the client-facing members of the beverage distribution group of companies, if deadlines could not be met, thereby managing client expectations.

“Zaldy and Benson are very reliable. The only time they would call out is if they are sick,” according to Janice Castro, distribution manager of Coca-Cola and Foremost. “They both take their jobs seriously. With both of them, I don’t have to worry about anything not getting done. They’re the kind of colleagues you’d wish to have on your team,” she added.

Marcos W. Fong, CEO of Foremost Foods, Inc. and Coca-Cola Beverage Co. (Guam), Inc. said, “Zaldy and Benson exemplify the type of dedicated and professional employees we are proud to have on our team. There are many more like them that see their work beyond just a job, but a service to our community.”

Foremost and Coca-Cola are the leading dairy and non-alcoholic beverage group of distributors serving Guam, the Northern Marianas and Micronesia since 1950. For career opportunities, visit or email [email protected].