Glacéau vitaminwater

Brand: Glacéau vitaminwater
Power-C – Dragonfruit (Vitamin C + Taurine), Focus – Kiwifruit-Strawberry (Vitamin A + Lutein), Essential – Orange-Orange (Vitamin C + Calcium), Energy – Tropical Citrus (Vitamin B + Guarana), Refresh – Tropical Mango (Vitamin C), Revive – Fruit Punch (Vitamin B + Potassium), XXX – Acai-Blueberry-Pomegranate (Triple Antioxidants)
Type: Enhanced Water

glacéau vitaminwater products are available in this size (case):
20 oz. bottle (24/case)

"glacéau” and “vitaminwater” bottle and label design are trademarks of energy brands inc. d/b/a glacéau.